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In order to manage your payroll, staff and company it is essential to keep a tight track on the working hours your employees complete, and one of the most widely used methods of doing so is by using a clocking in machine.

Not only can clocking in machines record the times your employees arrive and leave work, but they can also show whether the employee has arrived early or late, what exact times they clock in and out, and for how long they have had a break, if they are on holiday or off sick, and if they have worked overtime. This all helps with managing the entire organisation, and makes life much easier for payroll. Without clocking in machines, it’s safe to say that most organisations would be unable to cope with remembering their hours and holidays, not to mention when different shifts, breaks and overtime come into the equation.

Clocking in machines are great for motivating staff to be on time, and for keeping track of which members of staff are committed to their attendance and punctuality. However, it’s no secret that many clocking in machines can sometimes be seen as more than a bit of a hassle for employees, who are often required to remember long numbers to be recognised as starting work. Some employees even claim that by the time they have remembered their numbers and the clocking in machine has recognised them, they are classed as being ‘late’ for work. Not to mention some machines can be highly unreliable and a hassle to set.

Nowadays, the entire process of clocking in has become simpler, much more efficient and reliable. Long gone are the days when employees have to remember long numbers, and the employer has to manually calculate total numbers of hours worked for each employee.

Introducing the new Time Precision 400; the latest, most innovative clocking in machine on the market, making all your clocking in and payroll requirements ten times easier than before.

How does the Time Precision 400 work?

We understand that when running a business, there is more than enough to do, and any device or system which makes things run more easily will be highly appreciated. The Time Precision 400 has been designed with this in mind; you are fully able to set it up, and forget about it whilst it reliably does its job behind the scenes.

All the systems on the Time Precision 400 are automatic, so you can simply set it to do exactly what you want and leave it to do its magic.

Once the Time Precision 400 has been set up, you will need to allocate all your staff a Time Precision 400 clock card. These are small, business card sized cards which have a printed table consisting of all the necessary information to identify the employee. They employee will manually fill in their name, number and the week ending date.

Once the employee has their Time Precision 400 clock card, they are able to simply insert it into the clocking in machine, which will automatically print the time in the coinciding box. For example, if the employee arrives at 08.55 on the first day of the week, the Time Precision 400 will automatically print this exact time clearly in the first box labelled as ‘morning time in’.

The same process is repeated at the end of the shift, where the Time Precision 400 will again print the time in the appropriate box automatically on the employee’s Time Precision 400 clock card.

If you wish for the clocking in machine to do so, it can even print times in red to signify lateness where necessary. When each day is complete, the Time Precision 400 will even add up the hours worked and will print it on the Time Precision 400 clock card.

Once the cards have been completed, they will be handed in for the payroll staff to total up, who are sure to be highly appreciative of their new found ease of access to all the system.

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Setting up the Time Precision 400

If you have any experience with some of the older models of clocking in machines, you’ll know that they can be sensitive at the best of times, requiring more than enough time to set up, set the time, create accounts for each new worker, and every time someone new joins your team it’s the same inconvenience all over again.

Judging by the usual standard of fuss to be expected by the average clocking in machine, you may be wondering just how many hours it will take for you to set up the Time Precision 400 and get it working.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the amount of time it takes to set up the Time Precision 400 is next to nothing. In fact, one of the most convenient aspects of this device is that it can be used straight away, with minimum time faffing around and setting up.

Once you have received your Time Precision 400, all that’s left to do is take it out the box, remove the packaging, plug it in and you’re ready to go!

You can explain the new system to your staff immediately, allocate them each with a Time Precision 400 clock card for that week, and get started with the new system without a second thought.

What’s more, from the moment it is set up, you can continue to use it just as easily, as the system is incredibly simple and self-explanatory.

Why Choose the Time Precision 400?

The Time Precision 400 has set a new high standard in the clocking in machine industry. There is no need to waste your time with old devices which require hours to figure out how they work, and more explaining every time an employee joins your team. All that needs to be done when an employee joins is to simply give them a Time Precision 400 clock card, and they’re good to go.

Now you have the chance to use a new, innovative device which carries out all the necessary processes automatically, without any further ado.

On receiving your Time Precision 400 clocking in machine, all you have to do is simply plug it in, explain the very simple process of clocking in and out to your staff, and leave everything to automatically run by itself.

Unlike most other clocking in machines, this process takes less than a minute to set up, and then it’s ready to use instantly. When a new employee arrives at your company, they can also use the system straight away from their first day. All that will need to be done is to allocate them with a card for that working week.

This clocking in machine is also very useful in that it calculates the amount of time worked each day by employees, and prints it on the Time Precision 400 clock card. This is helpful for the payroll department, who will very much appreciate the automatic system. This consists of both a daily and weekly total number of hours and means that both employees and their managers can keep track of how many hours they are working.

Not only can the clocking in machine record times, but it will also calculate total numbers of hours for payment periods, also making the work for your payroll department much easier. However, your company choose to organise their staff’s payment schedules, be it on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis, the Time Precision 400 can cater to your needs.

The Time Precision 400 also has an extensive capacity, so for most businesses it will more than suffice in terms of numbers and complexity of shifts. This clocking in machine can record up to 62 clocking in times for each employee per card, so of your employees’ breaks and shift patterns are complex you don’t have to worry about the clocking in machine not taking that into account.

This clocking in machine also records all this data for up to 100 employees, so you can easily keep track of a substantially large team’s shifts and time records.

The system of clocking in and out for each employee is fully automatic, and the simple process for your employees is more or less fool-proof. All each member of staff is required to do is to keep hold of their Time Precision 400 clock card, and insert it in the device when needed. Everything else is a completely automatic process which you can rely on to run by itself with no extra thought.

Interested In Time Precision 400 Clocking Cards?


If you’re familiar with the usual issues which can cause your clocking in system to go haywire, you will recognise the advantages of the automation of the Time Precision 400 when it comes to turning the clock back and forward for British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time. For most clocking in machines, this time of year would mean that the entire system is out of place by an hour either way, and one unlucky person is required to find out how to reset the time on the clocking in machine. In the worst cases, even the payroll department can have trouble getting back on track after such a confusion.

With the Time Precision 400, you don’t have to worry about the hassle caused by changing the clocks, as they automatically adjust the times. This makes life a lot easier for everyone, so there is no confusion regarding the times employees have worked and the payroll system.

With most clocking in machines, a power cut can also mean a massive hassle for employees time and shift records. In fact, the entire system can be messed up in a matter of minutes, causing havoc with payroll and keeping track of employees hours.

This is another situation which can easily be avoided with the Time Precision 400. Unlike many others, this unique and advanced clocking in machine counteracts all chances of failure with a back-up battery system. This means it will automatically re-set the time, date and all the data it has previously stored before the power cut and continue to run as normal. This means that there will be no worrying after such an event.

The overall look of the Time Precision 400 is also very modern and sleek, for a device which is usually regarded to look clumpy and unattractive. It is sure to fit in with your smart company areas without looking like an old fashioned piece of equipment. It is easy to fit the Time Precision 400 to wherever you would like it to be placed for the convenience of the staff using it, be it on a table top or mounted on a wall. But despite looking compact, sleek and modern, the display on the Time Precision 400 is LCD and very clear and easy to read, making it all the more easier to use for employees.

Data protection is one of the top priorities for any company, and you can rest assure that there is no risk of tampering when you rely on the Time Precision 400, as it has an anti-tamper, lockable case.

Another great feature of the Time Precision 400 is that it really is perfect to be used in any industry, with its exceptional durability. It can withstand any environment, from a standard office to a construction work premise.

Whatever the size of your company and the industry you deal in, the Time Precision 400 and clock cards is a great option to organise your staff, shifts and payroll system.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Time Precision 400 or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to contact us; our friendly team will be able to give you all the advice you need regarding our high quality products and what will suit your requirements.

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